Authority, Rights, and Responsibilities

This session features Mary Ann Glendon (Harvard Law School) on “Can the Modern Human Rights Project Be Saved?” and Patrizia Giunti (University of Florence) on “The Complexity of Power Relations in the Ancient Roman Family Law: Patria Potestas and Public Authority”. Session chaired by Rev. John Paul Kimes (Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture). Presented at the Center for Ethics and Culture’s 2018 Fall Conference, “Higher Powers.” The Conference explored the perennial problem of good and evil, the significance of this distinction for human flourishing and the common good, and the place of good and evil in the theory and practice of various academic disciplines.

November 3, 2018

Art and HistoryHealth and SocietyLaw and PoliticsReligion and PhilosophyCollege of Arts and Lettersde Nicola Center for Ethics and CultureEthicsGovernmentReligionLaw School

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