What Have We Learned?

Dan Graff and Margie Pfeil, co-founders of the Speaking of Dignity podcast and regular hosts, review the past ten episodes and what they have learned from this project. We heard how workers needs are outpacing the protections that they need through stories from nurses needing to advocate for N95 masks and grocery store workers who meet active hostility from people averse to wearing masks. It has become clear that people’s labor is deemed essential but their lives are seen as expendable when you look at the lack of these basic protections. A common thread throughout all of the interviews is that everyone has a really unique story to tell from this pandemic. We’re currently on the front end of a recent surge, and in light of this, share how we think the podcast will look moving forward. Listeners can continue to expect stories from the frontlines, lifting up the particular lens of each person and the dignity of their lives and their struggles.

Center for Social Concerns
About the Podcast:

Speaking of Dignity is a podcast dedicated to listening to the voices of those workers whose labor we recognize as essential but who rarely get an opportunity to share their experiences, expertise, and insights. Our aim is to move toward recognition of the most vulnerable in the working world and expand our imagination of the common good.

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November 30, 2020

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