Visit those in prison

Since retiring from her career as a librarian, Cheryl Ashe has devoted herself to helping ex-offenders re-enter the community following their release from prison. Cheryl began this work by volunteering with her church’s prison ministry, when that group dissolved she continued the work herself. Cheryl leans on the financial support and donations from her fellow parishioners to gather supplies that are needed for ex-offenders to re-enter society, but says that this work has become much harder since the pandemic began. With less attendance at church she has difficulty gathering supplies and raising funds, at a time when the coronavirus is hitting the prison system the hardest.

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Speaking of Dignity is a podcast dedicated to listening to the voices of those workers whose labor we recognize as essential but who rarely get an opportunity to share their experiences, expertise, and insights. Our aim is to move toward recognition of the most vulnerable in the working world and expand our imagination of the common good.

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March 8, 2021

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