Inspiring Conversations: The Myths and Terrible Truths of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a horrible reality in our world today. Our guests speakers this week have dedicated their lives and careers to addressing this issue, working alongside consecrated women from around the world as part of the Talitha Kum network. Sister Gabriella Bottani, S.M.C., and Sister Ann Oestreich I.H.M., will spend this hour with us, helping to dispel some of the myths about trafficking, shed light on the realities of this issue, and reveal the progress their organizations are making to save the children, women, and men suffering from the crime of human trafficking.

Read the biographies of the speaker and watch the introductory video here: The Myths and Terrible Truths of Human Trafficking

Read the event recap, watch the video, or listen to the podcast below.

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View the discussion recorded on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, with Chris Stevens and special guests Sr. Gabriella Bottani, S.M.C., and Sr. Ann Oestreich, I.H.M.

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