TEC Talks Podcast

TEC Talks started out in spring 2021 as a virtual live event series on the theme of “Misinformation and Disinformation.” That was followed in the fall with seven events on “Technology and Power.”

Now the Notre Dame Technology Ethics Center (ND TEC) is doing something new: TEC Talks, the podcast.

Hosted by Kirsten Martin, the director of ND TEC, TEC Talks features conversations on a broad range of topics in technology ethics with guests from both inside and beyond academia. Each episode takes one article, idea, case, or discovery and examines the larger implications for the field of tech ethics, with the goal being to make this work accessible to a wide audience.

TEC Talks episodes are published every other Wednesday and available on this page, at techethics.nd.edu, and wherever you get your podcasts. To be added to the ThinkND Tech Ethics group, please register below. You will then receive an email about each episode of the podcast as it is released via the address you provide.

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You can link to the TEC Talks Podcast series page on ThinkND here.

To visit individual episode pages, navigate to:

Algorithmic Fairness is More Than a Math Problem

Provoking Alternative Visions of Technology

Moving Data Governance to the Forest from the Trees

It’s AI, Not a Personality Detector (Part 2)

It’s AI, Not a Personality Detector (Part 1)

When Privacy is a Facade for Data Extraction

Lost in Translation: When Machines Learn Language

Creative Speculation: Computer Science Taps Science Fiction

An Evolutionary Case for Better Privacy Regulations

Not the (Speech) Chilling Effect We Think

Don’t Take the Data and Run

Social Media Addiction: Adding Insult to Injury

October 21, 2022

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