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Law and Politics

Professor Gerard Bradley on Catholic social teaching and the future of Catholic higher education

Gerard Bradley, professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, sits down with Lumen Christi to discuss his path to the legal academy, his research in Catholic social teaching, and the...

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Religion and Philosophy

Father Joseph Brown Keynote – 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Father Joseph Brown gave his keynote during the the 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Conference, inspired by Catholic Social Teaching and titled Open Minds, Loving Hearts & An Engaged...

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Religion and Philosophy

From ‘Option for the Poor’ to Option By the Poor: Flint’s Water and the Problem of Political Will

Lack of political will can be seen when a moral truth about social justic is clear and persuasive, but people fail to take action because they are not invested. Lisa Sowle Cahill,...

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