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Global Affairs

Envoy to Albania

On a sunny Sunday morning at the edge of the Adriatic, Archbishop Charles Brown ’81 and I are at an impasse. The dirt road we’ve followed for miles has narrowed into...

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Art and History

Painting a Sense of Place

Last night’s rain sits on the tips of the grass, filling the air with a fresh, dewy scent. Birds tweet beneath feathery clouds, while bison roam nearby but out of sight. Uintas...

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Law and Politics

Fr. Ted Said… Peacebuilding & Security: Tona Boyd ’03

Tona Boyd ’03, an attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, speaks as part of the Alumni Association’s Fr. Ted Said…Speaker Series unveiled at...

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Global Affairs

Fr. Ted Said… Peacebuilding & Security: Nell Bolton ’03 M.A.

Nell Bolton ’03 M.A., the Justice & Peace building Senior Technical Advisor with Catholic Relief Services, speaks as part of Alumni Association’s Fr. Ted Said…Speaker Series...

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Science and Technology

ND Perspectives: Media, Tech & Society – Is A Sneaky Serpent in Your Newsfeed?

Recorded at Reunion 2018, this fascinating panel discussion explores fake news and media literacy in today’s changing environment. Moderator: Diane Daniels, Weekend anchor at...

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Health and Society

Dare to Dance Hand-in-Hand

Sophia (Buono) Martinson ’18 has always loved dancing. It never fails to fill her with joy, she says, and it helps her have a fun time with people she cares about....

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