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Robyn Klingerman runs a one woman entrepreneurial catering company called A Bite with Mee out of South Bend, Ind. and has navigated a few ups and downs throughout the course of the pandemic. A Bite with Mee specializes in healthy food with a mission “to create educational awareness one bite at a time by providing and encouraging healthy, local, organic, eco-conscious, sustainable practices, as well as build community and connections.” She’s found it difficult to juggle her business with the loss of childcare and addition of e-learning for her children, but ultimately has viewed the pandemic as a blessing in disguise as she finds creative ways to sustain a small business during these challenging times.

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Speaking of Dignity is a podcast dedicated to listening to the voices of those workers whose labor we recognize as essential but who rarely get an opportunity to share their experiences, expertise, and insights. Our aim is to move toward recognition of the most vulnerable in the working world and expand our imagination of the common good.

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October 12, 2020

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