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In late August, the students of Approaching Asia, a foundational course of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies taught by faculty fellow Lionel Jensen, assumed the task of making sense of Asia in all its diversity. With the presumptive global balance of economic and political power shifting toward Asia, it is essential to know and, more importantly, to understand Asia and others’ relationship to it in a world environment characterized by international insecurity and pandemic threat. The students’ analysis has leaned away from national and regional security toward human security, human rights, and the conditions necessary for human flourishing. Putting people first by acknowledging the essential vulnerability of the human species may be the only recognition upon which a sustainable future global governance may be built.

To this end, with the assistance of specific experts, the class discovered several “Asias” – peoples, practices, and a web of life upon which our very existence depends. What grew from this discovery was the creation of the A2 Writing Collective. By identifying key areas of present and future challenge to, as well as from, Asia, the collective undertook in their essays a “thinking aloud” about what might matter most in a moment of developing international crisis.

The Liu Institute is pleased to share the research of its students with Notre Dame’s alumni, parents, and friends through the new ThinkND essay series Approaching Asia. This series is co-sponsored by the Asian Pacific Alumni affinity group, and the alumni, parents, and friends of the Asian Pacific region of the Notre Dame clubs.

Register below for more information about this series, as well as communications about future series launches in this learning community.


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