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Leading Change in a Changing World: Innovative Leadership

Chris Stevens is the founding co-director of the Inspired Leadership Initiative at Notre Dame. During the Alumni Association’s Leadership Conference in 2022, Stevens shared...

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Heart’s Desire & Social Change: Inspired Leadership

During the Alumni Association's Leadership Conference in 2022, Fr. Dan Groody, CSC shared information about his program Heart's Desire & Social Change.

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Tender, Strong, True: Inclusive Leadership

At the Alumni Association's Leadership Conference in 2022, Dr. Angela Logan shared her presentation on inclusive leadership Tender, Strong, and True.

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Health and Society

Fr. Joe Carey: Education, Treasured.

From handmade Father’s Day gifts and the origin stories of “Cup of Joe” and FJ’s cookies, to the fine art of welcoming people on the journey and building community for all...

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Art and History

Virtual Slow Look

Join us on Zoom for a break from the summer heat and a slow look at Reginald Marsh’s Frozen Custard. We’ll use tools of mindfulness meditation as a way to approach and...

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Global Affairs

Connecting Communities: Partnering on Ocean Health to Address Climate Change

For more than a decade, the European Union, thanks in part to the support of Ireland, has worked with Brazil, Canada, South Africa, the United States, and other countries to...

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Golden Threads: The Music and Storytelling of Golden Is Thy Fame – Celebrating 50 Years of Undergraduate Women at the University of Notre Dame

This occasion was commemorated on campus June 1-2, 2022 but the celebration is ongoing. The decision to admit women as undergraduates marked an important milestone in the life of...

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Law and Politics

Quick Reaction: Carson v. Makin and Catholic Schools Featuring Nicole Stelle Garnett and John Schoenig

Join Nicole Stelle Garnett and John Schoenig as they discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday June 20, 2022 that states can’t deny tuition to faith-based schools....

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Additional Resources

Article Discussed in the Episode: “How privacy’s past may shape its future” Laura’s Bio Episode Transcript At the end of each episode, Kirsten asks for a recommendation...

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Global Affairs

Understanding Water Diplomacy Between Israel and Jordan

Join NDI staff from the Jerusalem Global Center and a special guest from the U.S. State Department to discuss the standardization of a duel plumbing system with a gray water pipe...

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Environmental Policy and Governance in Malawi

This week, join NDI staff in Nairobi, Kenya and Notre Dame Geography and Environmental Policy Professor Ellis Adjei Adams to discuss his current research and its three main...

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