On Podcast Brunch Club and the Appeal of Audio—Adela Mizrachi, Podcast Brunch Club


Like us, Adela Mizrachi works in communications at a university, but that’s not the reason we asked her to come on the show. At least not the main one.

See, Adela is also the founder of something called Podcast Brunch Club, which interested us because … well, for the exact reason you’d expect. So we, a podcast that records over brunch, invited her out to brunch, to talk about Podcast Brunch Club, the Podcast Brunch Club podcast, and trends in podcasting as a whole.

Did we mention podcasts? Or brunch?

And fun story: Since we recorded this interview, one of our very own listeners, Joseph Caudle, has started a Podcast Brunch Club chapter right here in South Bend. There are currently more than 60 such chapters around the world.

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About the Podcast:

“With a Side of Knowledge” is a podcast produced at the University of Notre Dame. It features interviews with fascinating people from both Notre Dame and elsewhere that take place over brunch—or if we’re really in a pinch, coffee.

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September 12, 2019

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