ND Energy PD&GS Seminar Series

Research associates are key partners in the advancement of research and other scholarly initiatives at Notre Dame. ND Energy’s associated researchers are postdoctoral scholars and graduate students collaborating with faculty affiliates on energy-related research projects. ND Energy engages research associates in monthly seminars and welcomes their participation in community outreach activities.

Each month, research associates present their research projects during the ND Energy PD&GS Seminar Series. Many presenters are the recipients of ND Energy’s annual research fellowships for graduate students (Eilers Fellowship and Forgash Fellowship). Summaries of their presentations are prepared to inform others of their research interests and to highlight their major accomplishments, research experiences, and future endeavors.

To read recaps of the presentations given by research associates in 2022, please click on the links below:

“Spacer Cations Dictate Photoinduced Phase Segregation in 2D Mixed Halide Perovskites” by Preethi Susan Mathew (Prashant Kamat Lab), January 19, 2022

“Transformations of a Uranyl Hydroxide Phase: Probing Alteration Behavior through High Relative Humidity and Ionizing Radiation” by Savannah Benjamin (Peter Burns Lab), February 16, 2022

“Effects of External Electric Fields on the Glass Transition of Ionic Liquids” by Fernando Javier Carmona (Edward Maginn Lab), March 16, 2022

“Nanoscale Interactions of Uranyl Peroxide Nanoclusters with Neptunium and Plutonium” by Kyson Smith (Amy Hixon Lab), March 16, 2022

“ND Energy Annual Picnic and Inaugural Lab Olympics” – June 17, 2022

For more information visit ND Energy’s website.

March 16, 2022

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