Inspiring Conversations to return this spring with a focus on Transforming Lives and Lives Transformed

The Inspired Leadership Initiative and the Notre Dame Alumni Association have partnered to continue Inspiring Conversations, the fulfilling and successful discussion series that brings leaders from a broad spectrum of disciplines addressing their approach to leadership. The spring Inspiring Conversations will welcome thoughtful, engaged, and passionate people to address three related and relevant topics:  successfully pursuing a second act, spirituality and leadership, and solving societal problems.

Tom Schreier

“We are most fortunate to have the opportunity to continue this series during the spring. Conversations with leaders that have transformed lives, often after transforming theirs, provides a powerful example to many about how to have an important impact in this world,” said Tom Schreier, Founding Director of the Inspired Leadership Initiative at Notre Dame. “As we did last fall, the leaders we will host in the spring have charisma, voice, and humility coupled with the courage, purpose, and inner strength to be transformative leaders.”

During these interactive, live sessions presented exclusively on ThinkND, leaders will also discuss the catalysts for their transformations and secrets to their success in having a meaningful impact on the issues they have chosen to address. These in-depth conversations will allow guests to talk about their underlying philosophies of purpose, alignment, and spirituality and how they have been able to build trust in their organizations through humility, confidence, and purpose. 

Juliana Otieno
Dr. Juliana Otieno

“Last year, I had the privilege of participating in the ILI program as a residential fellow, fully immersing myself in the classroom with students, faculty, and my cohort community. Each of us came from a different part of the world and from varied experiences. That diversity of thought and experience was celebrated as we spent the year together, putting our minds together, discussing how we might return to our homes to work on solving some of the world’s greatest challenges,” said Juliana Otieno, senior lecturer at Uzima University’s Medical School & Founder of Rusalia Resource Foundation. “Regardless of where you work, what your career level, or your own professional experiences, this series allows each of us to come together as a virtual community to explore the concepts of human-centered leadership and how it can provide the inspiration to create action within our own communities.”

The first guest for Inspiring Conversations is Paul Grangaard, the CEO of Faribault Woolen Mills and former CEO of Allen Edmonds, two roles he has assumed after leaving senior leadership roles in financial services. Paul’s leadership has transformed these iconic businesses, which are also the cornerstone of their home communities. His leadership ensured that those families dependent on the success of these enterprises could continue to be engaged and employed in the craft they love in a sustainable way. Paul will join us on Tuesday, March 2, at 1 p.m. Eastern. Other guests include Rev. Monk Malloy, C.S.C, President Emeritus of Notre Dame, and Dr. Juliana Otieno, Former CEO of Kenya’s largest public hospital and now founder of the Rusalia Research Foundation committed to empowering women in her home country. To register for the discussions and see the complete list and schedule of speakers, visit ThinkND

Inspiring Conversations is hosted by the Inspired Leadership Initiative (ILI) at the University of Notre Dame. ILI is a program for accomplished individuals from all disciplines (business, non-profit, academic, and others) who have completed their chosen careers and wish to spend an academic year at Notre Dame — taking advantage of the University’s vast array of resources — to pivot to their next stage in life and continue as a force for good in this world. ILI fellows have the unique opportunity to reflect on their past experience and shape the direction of their future, while also sharing their wisdom, experience, and knowledge with the Notre Dame community.

February 26, 2021

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