Improving Access to Dental Care with Community-Based Solutions

Roslyn Joseph is a senior at Notre Dame, a science-business major and poverty studies minor, and has taken many of the Center for Social Concerns courses throughout her undergraduate career. Roslyn shares her desire to take the things she was learning in an academic setting through her poverty studies minor and see how they applied in the real world. During an Urban Plunge she encountered a man who shared his experience of trying to get dental care and how his decaying teeth affected both his confidence and ability to speak to people. From there she started looking for community-based solutions to problems like these. She shares her experience working in a volunteer pop-up dental clinic in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia as well as with a local dental health exchange that offers services for free in exchange for community service performed by the patients.

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The Signs of the Times Podcast presented by the Center of Social Concerns discusses principles of human dignity, solidarity with the marginalized, and the common good as they relate to current events.

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May 10, 2019

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