Human Dignity, Belonging, and Caring for Others

Finding community in college can be difficult, but it can be especially difficult when you feel like you don’t belong. Shelene shares the struggles she faced her first few years at Notre Dame finding a sense of belonging, especially as a first generation American and the daughter of immigrant parents from St. Croix and Cameroon. Shelene shares how she unpacked these experiences in her McNeill Fellows capstone and how she has since been committed to recognizing the human dignity of every person and authentically care for others. She has done this throughout her college career participating in the SSLP, ISSLP, and McNeill Leadership Fellows Program.

Center for Social Concerns
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The Signs of the Times Podcast presented by the Center of Social Concerns discusses principles of human dignity, solidarity with the marginalized, and the common good as they relate to current events.

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October 2, 2019

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