Global Lawyering: A U.S. Perspective on SPACs and Securities Regulation

Join Notre Dame Law School’s International & Graduate Programs Office, the London Law Program, and the London Global Gateway for a contract theory explanation of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies and associated U.S. securities law issues.

Professor Patrick Corrigan, Associate Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School, speaks in light of his recent research. Professor Corrigan’s work on how laws and legal institutions shape capital markets and transactional structures, with a particular focus on issues related to initial public offerings and venture capital, has been published in the NYU Law Review among other publications. His work has been featured in Bloomberg and the Financial Times, among other publications, and cited by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This event was recorded on April 26, 2022.

Patrick Corrigan, Associate Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School

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Notre Dame Law School

April 26, 2022

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