Father Lou DelFra, C.S.C. joins Think.Pair.Share. for Catholic Schools Week

Fr. Lou DelFra, the director of pastoral life for Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), joins Think.Pair.Share. to kick off the podcast’s second season and Catholic Schools Week 2022 with the episode Fr. Lou DelFra: Education, Uplifted. Fr. Lou and host Audrey Scott talk about why we should celebrate Catholic schools with a joyful and boisterous racket, why middle schoolers are the ultimate litmus tests for relevancy, and how ACE has embraced a culture of discernment in a time of instant-gratification.

Think.Pair.Share. is a modern education podcast that explores learning—from the everyday exchange of thoughts and ideas—to the theories and practices behind entire systems. It’s produced by the Institute for Educational Initiatives, the home of ACE and Notre Dame’s K-12 education initiatives. ACE strives to sustain and strengthen under-resourced Catholic schools through leadership formation, research, and professional service to ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience the gift of an excellent Catholic education.

As director of pastoral life and a faculty member, Fr. Lou leads the spiritual formation in ACE programs through a robust series of retreats, reflections, and prayer resources designed to deepen ACE’s mission to make God known, loved, and served. He writes and publishes in the fields of religion, literature, teacher education, and spirituality. Fr. Lou resides in Keenan Hall on the Notre Dame campus and received his undergraduate and Master’s of Divinity degrees from Notre Dame. He was ordained a Holy Cross priest in 2004.

Fr. Lou’s work as director of pastoral life often focuses on educators, but all listeners will find relevance in his reflections. 

Send Forth Your Spirit: A video reflection for educators that ACE created as part of an end-of-year retreat. Recorded in May 2021.

Send Forth Your Spirit Retreat: Reflection by Fr. Lou DelFra from ACEatND on Vimeo.

Grace Period: a seven-part series of reflections to help you pause, listen for God’s voice in your life, and begin anew each week. Recorded in Spring 2021.

And to better understand ACE, watch this video about how spirituality is infused in the lives of ACE Teaching Fellows, ACE’s two-year teaching fellowship and formation experience in which participants serve in under-resourced Catholic schools while also earning a cost-free Master of Education Degree.

January 25, 2022

Health and Society

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