Paul Karos at the University of Notre Dame – Financial Executive. Leader. Inspirational Speaker.

Mr. Karos was diagnosed at age 8 with a blinding eye disease, leaving him legally blind as a teenager and 99% blind today. He has had a successful 35+ year career on Wall Street. He ran hedge fund portfolios for 13 years at his own firm Aplos Advisors, Whitebox Advisors, and Millennium Partners. He was President of Piper Jaffray’s Investment Banking and Equities Division where he led the firm to become a national investment banking player. Earlier in his career, he was Managing Director of CS First Boston, where he was named the number one-ranked airline analyst in the world for five straight years. In that role he appeared and was featured in all types of media including CNBC, CNN, Good Morning America, the Today show, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many more.

For many years he has been involved in a variety of ministries in the Orthodox Christian Church. He has been a motivational speaker for men, youth, young adult and family retreats across the country. He is active in prison ministry, premarital counseling, and one-on-one mentoring. In 2018, Mr. Karos founded Matrona Ministries, a lay Orthodox Christian ministry which performs coaching one-on-one, parish retreats, and Orthodox Christian life assessments. Mr. Karos earned his Master of Arts in Applied Orthodox Christian Theology through the University of Balamand, Lebanon and a BS of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Mr. Karos is married to his wife, Cindy, and has three children.

November 7, 2019

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