Discovering the Importance of Meaningful Inclusion

CST helps you to look at things through an evaluative lens, taking into account not only concepts and empirical data but also lived experiences and stories. Reynold Hamar, a junior finance major with CST and Education minors at Notre Dame, joins us on the podcast to discuss how the CST Minor led him to an internship working with the Special Olympics. He describes that from a young age he enjoyed working and living in community with people with disabilities through the experience of training service dogs. Through opportunities at the center working with people with disabilities he has learned the importance of rhetoric and the ways in which language can be demeaning for a lot of marginalized groups. We discuss how policies and structure are important, but individual and community conviction is what matters when we talk about disabilities and other important social issues and how CST offers the combination of looking at things through both the heart and the mind.

Center for Social Concerns
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The Signs of the Times Podcast presented by the Center of Social Concerns discusses principles of human dignity, solidarity with the marginalized, and the common good as they relate to current events.

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August 17, 2020

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