Business Creation as Accompaniment with Vulnerable Populations

It’s one thing to study themes such as empathy, barriers to work, identity, and mindset in the classroom, but it’s completely different to take this knowledge and partner with action-oriented organizations in the field to find local solutions that create jobs and set the economic conditions for growth. Developed by Associate Professor of Management at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Viva Bartkus, the Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program examines the impact of business in rebuilding war-torn societies and was chosen by Forbes as one of the top 10 most innovative MBA courses in the country. Since 2008, Business on the Frontlines teams have collaborated on nearly 50 business- and peace-related projects in over twenty countries with humanitarian agencies and multi-national corporations. By some estimates, perhaps 10,000 people now have the dignity of work because of businesses and markets BOTFL initiatives have developed.

Center for Social Concerns
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The Signs of the Times Podcast presented by the Center of Social Concerns discusses principles of human dignity, solidarity with the marginalized, and the common good as they relate to current events.

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November 2, 2020

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