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From 'Option for the Poor' to Option By the Poor: Flint's Water and the Problem of Political Will

Using the example of the Flint water crisis, Lisa Sowle Cahill evaluates how the rhetoric of Catholic Social Teaching can move people to political action on social issues.
From 'Option for the Poor' to Option By the Poor
Listen time: 32 minutes

Gear Treated with ‘Forever Chemicals’ Poses Risk to Firefighters

The use of PFAS-based foam fire suppressants has been linked to the contamination of drinking water systems. Now, new research by Prof. Graham Peaslee shows that firefighters face additional risk just by gearing up.
Gear treated with ‘forever chemicals’ poses risk to firefighters
Read time: 5 minutes

The Portage Landing at the St. Joseph's River

The photograph by Kay Westhues explores the St. Joseph-Kankakee River portage, a walking trail first established by Native Americans and then used by the French explorers. The artwork reminds us that the history of South Bend did not begin in 1865 and that people's knowledge and use of the land were directly responsible for the location of the city.
The Portage Landing at the St. Joseph's River
Read time: 3 minutes
Finding Meaning through Joyce and Yeats_500
We would like to announce that the next Kylemore Book Club will start in August. Professor Declan Kiberd, world-renowned author, literary critic, and professor of Irish Studies, English, and Irish Literature will lead our next book club on Irish authors James Joyce and W.B Yeats. We will share the readings, videos, and introductions in the coming weeks. Live meetings will be on Wednesdays, 1:00 PM (EDT) on August 5, 12, 19, and 26.
Tune in live this week for virtual events from Notre Dame:

Shakespeare in a Time of Plague Time
Tue, July 28, 7:00 PM EDT
Join scholars for a discussion about how Shakespeare used plays to think about pandemics.

Racism Is a Life Issue
Tue, July 28, 8:00 PM EDT
Join us online for a moderated discussion on racism and the culture of life

Reading: Shakespeare's "Coriolanus"
Thu, July 30, 7:00 PM EDT
Tune in as The Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Company presents a new reading of Coriolanus.
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