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On Publishing and the Love of Books

In this episode of With a Side of Knowledge, literary agent Jessica Sinsheimer joins the conversation to discuss what a literary agent actually is and other professional experiences from the publishing industry.
On Publishing and the Love of Books
Listen time: 32 minutes

Advancing the Common Good with Good Writing

Connie Snyder Mick, the academic director at the Center for Social Concerns joins The Signs of the Times to discuss her role as a writing professor. Find out why she says "Good writing is, in fact, writing for the common good."
Advancing the Common Good with Good Writing
Listen time: 33 minutes

Words On Play: Baseball Literature Before 1900

In the 1800s, baseball was little more than a local game played by far different rules than the ones we have now. But, with the help of newspapers and other print materials, by the early 1900s baseball was entrenched as America's Pastime. This collection from the Hesburgh Libraries highlights some of the key publications from baseball's early history.
Read time: 5 minutes
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