Kylemore Book Club: Literature & Film in Lockdown

Presented by seven campus partners, including the Notre Dame Alumni Association, Literature & Film in Lockdown is a new, free, multimedia, educational enrichment program that examines literary works and movies set in times of quarantine. Led by Professor Barry McCrea, this four-part series studies how to manage the psychological experience of quarantine and includes book excerpts, films, explainer videos, and weekly interactive Zoom sessions.

Join us for the first live session with Professor McCrea Introduction - Literature and Plague on Wednesday, June 17, at 1 pm EDT.

Meet the faculty

Barry McCrea is a scholar of comparative literature and a novelist. His novel "The First Verse" won the 2006 Ferro-Grumley prize for fiction and a Barnes & Noble “Discover” award. At Notre Dame, he teaches in the departments of English, Irish, and Romance Languages, and holds the Keough Family Chair in Irish Studies.
Meet the instructor
Watch time: 3 minutes

What do pandemics reveal about society? How does literature respond to plagues?

Living through a pandemic is an unprecedented experience to most of us as individuals, but it is nothing new for humans as a species. Over the centuries, people have reflected on what living in the midst of contagion feels like and have come up with tools for coping with the strange psychological experience of life in lockdown.
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Watch time: 5 minutes

How can literature help us live through a pandemic cycle?

Throughout this enrichment program, Professor McCrea will explore some of the rich history of plague and quarantine literature, with the hope of gaining a better understanding and navigating our own experience of COVID-19.
Photo by Peter Ringenberg/University of Notre Dame
Watch time: 5 minutes
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