In the weeks since George Floyd's tragic death, the University of Notre Dame has urged members of the campus community and its larger family to recommit to and pray for unity and racial justice in our nation. During the "Prayer for Unity, Walk for Justice" event last Monday night, University President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., remembered racial tragedies of the present and the past. Father Jenkins said, "The challenge is deeper, more enduring, more tragic and more daunting. It is difficult to find the words adequate to respond to that challenge."

This edition of the ThinkND Weekly Digest focuses on racial and social justice. We invite you to listen and learn more through the following works and other resources. Thursday, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies held a panel discussion titled, "Race, Violence, and Protest: A Conversation about the Ongoing Struggle for Justice," and the Notre Dame Folk Choir recently released a new album titled "Catch the Spirit," including a song called "I Can't Breathe," dedicated to Eric Gardner.

The Color of Compromise

"The cumulative effects of personal sins of racism have led to social structures of injustice and violence that makes us all accomplices in racism." Author Jemar Tisby '02 joins The Signs of the Times to share his solutions for improved race relations and desire to fight for a more racially unified church.
The Color of Compromise
Listen time: 37 minutes

“Creative Maladjustment”: Refusing to Adjust to Injustice

To effectively challenge unethical behavior in a team setting, focus on framing, channel anger constructively when speaking up, and be an ethics champion - or assign one.
“Creative Maladjustment”: Refusing to Adjust to Injustice
Read time: 5 minutes

All The Boys

The work of artist Carrie Mae Weems brings to light the ongoing violence inflicted on Black men, women, and children. All the Boys and her other projects forces us to consider the role we play in the racial injustices of our country. Through her artwork, Weems’ asks us to consider how we can expose and fight injustice in our communities.
All The Boys
Read time: 3 minutes
Tune in live this week for virtual events from Notre Dame:

Shakespeare in Prisons: Advocacy in a Brave New World – Mon, June 8, 5:00 PM EDT
Join the live Q&A addressing concerns of the prison arts practitioner community during COVID-19.

Using Media Well Together: Church Communications – Wed, June 10, 3:30 PM EDT
Join the talk aimed at empowering pastoral leaders & scholars for the work of renewing the Church.
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