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A Tour Through Time

Rome has been a destination for travelers for centuries. A collaboration of Notre Dame librarians, architects, computer scientists, programmers, and students have been working together to trace the history of Rome through its centuries-old travel guides.
A Tour Through Time
Read & watch time: 7 minutes

Viaggi - A New Home in Italy

The Humanitarian Corridor Initiative is a program that is working to resettle Ethiopian refugees across Italy. Notre Dame researchers are studying the resettlement and acclimation with the goal of providing clearer strategies of accompaniment during the resettlement process.
Read & Watch time: 9 minutes

A Student's Work to Help Italy Deal with COVID-19

When Notre Dame's campus shutdown as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Paolo Mazzara '23 went to work. Mazzara, who spent most of his life in Italy, used his language skills to translate documents, improving communication between Italian healthcare workers and the WHO.
A Student's Work to Help Italy Deal with COVID-19
Listen time: 22 minutes
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Co-Responsibility for the Mission of the Church – Tuesday, June 2, 3:30 PM EDT
The talk is part of the "Called & Co-Responsible Summer Seminar" hosted by the McGrath Institute for Church Life throughout summer 2020. It is aimed at empowering pastoral leaders and scholars for the work of renewing the Church, especially in light of present challenges.
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