Welcome to What to Believe in Uncertain Times?, the latest installment of Big Questions, presented by the Notre Dame Alumni Association. Explore Part 3 of the new course below.

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Maybe having good beliefs means believing even when there is not enough evidence either way. In Part 3, we will consider whether we have control over our beliefs and if it is ever a good idea to believe something before all the evidence has come in. Because such "leaps of faith" are fairly common in everyday life, it is important to ask whether they can be reasonable, or whether we should resist the urge and always wait patiently for more evidence. Join us for the micro-course.

When Can You Believe Beyond the Evidence?

Sometimes, it seems like we have to commit one way or another in our beliefs, even if we do not have perfect certainty. In this lecture, Paul asks about what makes such "leaps of faith" rational, and when we would do better to exercise a bit more cautious skepticism.
Lecture 3: When Can You Believe "Beyond the Evidence"
Watch time: 4 minutes

Applying the Concepts: Faith or Fraud?

In this video, we discuss the story of Billy McFarland, a young entrepreneur whose self-confidence resulted in one of the most infamous marketing and business failures in recent memory: Fyre Festival
Applying the Concepts: Faith or Fraud?
Watch time: 3 minutes

Activity: Betting on the Truth

In this activity, we compare believing to betting and ask when it is okay to 'bet' on a particular claim coming true. You can use this comparison to weigh important big questions like are you a good person, or does God exist, even if the evidence is not all in.
Activity: Betting on the Truth
Watch time: 2 minutes
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