Welcome to What to Believe in Uncertain Times?, the latest installment of Big Questions, presented by the Notre Dame Alumni Association. Explore Part 2 of the new course below.

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What role should arguing play in helping you decide what to believe? Should disagreement about an issue make you much more skeptical about whether it is true or not? In Part 2 of What to Believe in Uncertain Times, we will break these questions down and provide some optimistic answers.
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Having Better Arguments

The word "argument" has many negative connotations. If used appropriately, however, arguing provides us one of the best chances we have to uncover surprising or difficult truths. 
Having Better Arguments
Watch time: 4 minutes

Getting to the Truth

In this video, Paul sets out a few steps for ensuring that your arguments are as constructive and helpful as possible so that you can make sure your disagreements are as productive as possible. The key is never to lose sight of the fact that both you and your opponent might genuinely care about the truth.
A Recipe for Better Arguments
Watch time: 4 minutes

Playing the Argument Game

It helps to think about making arguments as a kind of "game" where the point is to cooperate with other players to pursue the truth.
The Argument Game
Watch time: 2 minutes
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