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As we get closer and closer to the 2020 election — and the first presidential debate held at Notre Dame — competing information, even misinformation is everywhere. What to Believe in Uncertain Times? is designed to help you learn how to constructively debate, positively make arguments, and change or confirm your own beliefs as you find the truth. This four-part, digital micro-course, led by Dr. Paul Blaschko, uses short videos, recommended readings, and interactive worksheets to help you sort through the noise and navigate uncertain times. Join us for the micro-course.

Refusing to Believe

In this part, Paul introduces "skepticism," the ancient philosophical position that the best thing to believe if you care about the truth is... nothing at all.
Watch time: 5 minutes

Skepticism and Politics

Some philosophers think that skepticism is a way of making sure you are believing responsibly, but there are obviously ways of sowing doubt that are less than virtuous.
Watch time: 2 minutes

The Skepticism Assessment

In this activity, you are encouraged to take stock of how skeptical you are as a person. Then, you are given a chance to reflect on what this suggests about how you go about forming beliefs.
Watch time: 2 minutes
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