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On Football Rankings and Measuring Efficiency

How tough actually is Notre Dame's football schedule? Where do the Irish stand compared to other programs? Brian Fremeau discusses his Fremeau Efficiency Index and advanced sports statistics.
On Football Rankings and Measuring Efficiency
Listen time: 35 minutes

Connecting Fields - Statistics and Athletics Collaboration Benefits Students in Sports and Science

"A big way people fall in love with statistics is through sports." At Notre Dame, two applied and computational mathematics and statistics students are teaming with the athletics department to help Irish student-athletes perform at their peak.
Connecting Fields - ACMS and Athletics Collaboration Benefits Students in Sports and Science
Read time: 7 minutes

"Giving the Best of Yourself" - Jack Swarbrick on Youth Sports & the Church's Pastoral Ministry

In 2018, the Vatican released "Giving the Best of Yourself," a document believed to be the first related to sports released by the Church. Notre Dame's Symposium on the Church and Sport discusses the role athletics plays in the Church's pastoral mission.
A Symposium on the Church & Sport
Watch time: 30 minutes
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