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Big Questions is a free, digital micro-course series from ThinkND
What Makes a Life Good? Part 3: Moral Role Models
Good lives are led by good people. In Part 3, we discuss the Aristotelian idea that relationships with moral role models can help you evaluate and improve your life while helping to answer the question of what makes a life good. Continue through this big philosophical question using brief lectures, case studies, and practical activities. Each video is between 2 and 6 minutes long.
Big Questions Live: "When to Take a Leap of Faith"
Join us in-person or online at 7pm on November 21 as we examine the role faith has played in the good life to philosophers and help you determine when it is rational to take a leap of faith. REGISTER for more information.

Aristotle and Aquinas on the Active and Contemplative Life

Join Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President of the University of Notre Dame and Dr. Meghan Sullivan for an engaging interview about how Aristotle and Aquinas can help us understand and live active, contemplative lives.
Aristotle and Aquinas on the Active and Contemplative Life
Run time: 19 minutes

Philosophy of Religion —
In Animated Form

Alvin Plantinga's ideas on the philosophy of religion are presented in ten visually captivating videos, created by Notre Dame philosophy professors through a grant from the Templeton Foundation. Topics include The Free Will Defense, Human Freedom and Divine Foreknowledge, and Is it Rational to be a Christian?
Is It Rational to be a Christian?
Run time per video: 3 minutes

A Conversation with Mike Schur: "Can Television Make Us Better People?"

Mike Schur — the creator of the philosophy-focused NBC comedy "The Good Place" — came to campus to talk about his creative process and the academic topics discussed in the show.
A Conversation with Mike Schur: "Can Television Make Us Better People?"
Run time: 83 minutes
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