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What Makes a Life Good? Part 2: Virtue and Excellence
In the classical theory of the good life that we're exploring, virtues play a big role. In part 2 of this micro-course, we define virtue and look at the relationship between habits, virtues, and character. Continue through this big philosophical question using brief lectures, case studies, and practical activities. Each video is only between 2 and 6 minutes long. Enjoy this learning experience here.

From battle plans to lesson plans

It was March 2003 when the United States invaded Iraq in what was known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. Alex Ambrose, an infantry platoon leader in Baghdad, felt the weight of two nations on his shoulders. The school teacher from New Jersey had to balance combat operations with nation building.
From battle plans to lesson plans
Read time: 10 minutes

Voices of Conscience: Historical Perspectives on the Vietnam Antiwar Movement

This is the keynote session from "Voices of Conscience: Antiwar Opposition in the Military," a conference hosted earlier this year at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Panel participants included Asher Kaufman, Christian Appy, Madame Ton-Nu-Thi Ninh and Michael Kazin.
Voices of Conscience: Historical Perspectives on the Vietnam Antiwar Movement
Run time: 112 minutes

Domer Dozen 2019 Honoree: Jay Rowley '11

Captain Jay Rowley '11 currently serves in the U.S. Army. Captain Rowley has been selected as one of five Army officers for the Olmsted Scholar Class of 2020 that will help him better understand the challenges of peace and security throughout the Middle East.
Domer Dozen 2019 Honoree: Jay Rowley '11
Run time: 7 minutes
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