Thanksgiving is a time for us to connect with those closest to us, reflect, and share gratitude for our blessings. This week's edition of the ThinkND newsletter will highlight part 4 of the Big Questions course "What Makes a Life Good": The Greatest Good. Learn from this content and all the free videos, podcasts, articles, and courses available on

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that you enjoy a cheerful holiday surrounded by your loved ones.

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The Greatest Good

Professor Meghan Sullivan explores the idea that there is one, singular good that is greater than all other goods, and that this good holds the key to living a good life.
Lecture 4: The Greatest Good
Run time: 5 minutes

Case Study:
What is True Happiness?

If the greatest good is happiness, then it's important that we distinguish true happiness from things that just so happen to be called "happiness." In this video, Meghan helps us think through this task.
Case Study: What is True Happiness?
Run time: 2 minutes

Activity: Making Good Connections

If all goods are related in some way, it's important to understand how. In this exercise, you're invited to reflect on how you organize and prioritize the things you consider good in your life.
Activity: Making Good Connections
Run time: 2 minutes
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