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Food and Thought

Podcast Series: Notre Dame Stories
A look at ideas that are addressing major food-related problems: A potential breakthrough on peanut allergies and what Notre Dame is doing to help kids get the nutrition they need, so they can focus in school.
Food and Thought

On Cryptocurrency, Facebook’s Libra, and Data Security

Podcast Series: With a Side of Knowledge
If you've got questions about Facebook's Libra—including what it and cryptocurrency more generally are to begin with—pull up a seat to this brunch with a cybersecurity and privacy expert.
On Cryptocurrency, Facebook’s Libra, and Data Security—Mike Chapple, Notre Dame

Episode 1: Adam

Podcast Series: Minding Scripture
In Jewish tradition, Adam is the archetypal human being; in Christianity he is the forerunner to Christ, and in Islam he is the precursor of the Prophet Muhammad.
Episode 1: Adam
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